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Dinghy Safety Trick

Ingenious way to get back into a dinghy from the water

OK, so it happens once in awhile. Well, actually it has never happened to me before. I was stepping into a friend's new RIB and somehow as my foot hit the fiberglass floor, it bounced me off balance and out of the boat. Unable to stop the sequence, I just rolled off the side of the dinghy on my back in a failed attempt to right my balance.

It was no big deal to go into the water. Perhaps I was too relaxed, but we were not drinking, I didn't have a phone in my pocket, or wallet or even my trusty pocket knife, and I was in less than four feet of water. Like I said, no big deal. And being wet felt good considering the hot weather we've had in Annapolis.

I was able to climb back into the dinghy without difficulty. We continued off in his goal to put more hours on his new Honda outboard to break it in.

But the experience was a reminder of how quickly things change on the water. It also reminded me of a video I saw last year about a clever way to get back into a dinghy when you find yourself in the water, planned or not. The woman performing the demonstration says this is a good technique for anyone over 50.

I tried it, and while it is unconventional, it does work. It is kind of like doing an Eskimo roll in a kayak. You don't so much think about each step but let the flow of the maneuver just happen. Watch the video and you'll understand. This should be helpful for people who don't have upper body strength to push themselves high enough on the tubes of a RIB using just arms and shoulders. If you are no longer in your prime, and not near a swim ladder, it might be a lifesaver when you are in the water and need to get back aboard.




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